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A Message from Blue Water Space founder

I founded Blue Water Space to fill a gap in services the space policy community needed, including analysis of national security space issues combined with extensive experience in tactical and operational terrestrial military operations. Through this platform, I hope to help demystify policy and how it applies to national security issues.

Also, I hope that people who are interested in a career in policy or national security can learn from my research, interviews, and podcasts so that they can understand how to step into the exciting world of outer space policy, research, and advocacy. This sector needs smart and dedicated professionals who can help pave the way for exciting technologies and policies that will determine humanity’s future.

Jennifer Cannon

Jennifer Cannon


But above all else, we choose to lead in space because we know that the rules and values of space, like every great frontier, will be written by those who get there first – and we owe it to mankind to bring American values to the boundless expanse of the heavens.

We don’t have to give in to hopelessness about conflict in space, but we have to work every day really, really hard to deter it and make sure it doesn’t happen.

Featured Research

Dual-Use Satellites and the Law of Armed Conflict

Recent examples of dual-use satellites supporting Ukrainian military efforts and the increase in funding of American, NATO, and partner commercial/military hybrid constellations underline the importance of understanding the strategic and operational implications of dual-use satellites supporting conflicts. The increased intermingling of commercial and military capabilities in satellites may cause unknown geopolitical and operational side effects and blur the application of the law of armed conflict and rules of engagement. Using multiple case studies and three dependent variables, my paper analyzes the potential implications of strikes on dual-use satellites. Legal scholars have begun to debate the legal implications of intermingling military and commercial capabilities on satellites, but there has been little analysis of the strategic and operational implications. National security and military decision-makers must understand the implications of development and contracts with commercial entities that may enable military operations through dual-use capabilities.

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